Second summit in hanoi: trump sees progress with kim

Second summit in hanoi: trump sees progress with kim

U.S. President says summit meeting between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un on peace and disarmament made good progress.

After the initial, two-hour talks wednesday in the vietnamese capital of hanoi, trump wrote on twitter, "very good dialogue". The meeting and dinner were "great". The meeting continues on thursday. The white house even announced a joint declaration at the end of the two-day summit on thursday.

Speculation is that the U.S. And north korea were able to officially declare an end to the conflict with the declaration after the korean war (1950-53). More than six decades later, a state of war is still in effect under international law because only a ceasefire was concluded at the time. Such a peace declaration would be an important confidence-building measure, but also only a first, symbolic step toward a peace treaty. Actually, sud korea and china had to be involved in this as well.

The ceremony of signing the declaration is scheduled for 14.05 o’clock local time (8.05 CET) scheduled. Trump wants to hold a press conference before his flight back to the U.S. Trump’s appearance in hanoi is burdened by accusations from his ex-lawyer michael cohen , who testified before the US congress in washington on wednesday.

At the start of the two-day meeting in hanoi, trump had promised north korea, which is completely impoverished, an economic upswing if kim actually goes nuclear. "I think your country has tremendous economic potential." Kim replied: "i hope we will achieve everything people expect."

It was the second summit after the historic meeting eight months ago in singapore. For the burial they shook hands for ten seconds. Both seemed serious and tense at first. Only slowly did the atmosphere loosen. Expectations are rough: it will be about dismantling north korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles, a new security architecture in east asia and easing tough sanctions on the isolated stalinist state.

Trump praised the first summit as a "rough success" that should now be repeated – "the same or rougher". After a short talk between the two of them, they met for dinner, with only the ministers and advisors. Kim said of the first few minutes of the reunion, "we had very interesting conversation." For dinner we had crab cocktail, avocado, steak, pear with kimchi, the korean national dish, and tartlets with heiber, fluffy chocolate in the center, fresh berries and vanilla ice cream.

The U.S. President then returned to the hotel – in time for the testimony of his former lawyer, who made serious accusations, which was broadcast live on television. In a statement released in advance, cohen called the president a fraud, an impostor and a racist. He also wanted to provide evidence. It was "ironic" that trump was in vietnam during his testimony, of all places. Cohen gives impression that trump could have printed himself before military service during vietnam war.

At the center of the summit discussion in the "metropole" hotel in hanoi, which is cordoned off by massive security forces, is the U.S. Demand for the complete and verifiable "denuclearization" of north korea – in other words, the nuclear disarmament of the country. Kim demands U.S. Concessions, such as easing strict sanctions. Trump began by praising his personal relationship with kim: "our relationship is very special."

Even before the meeting, he had written: "kim jong un and i will work very hard to achieve denuclearization and then make north korea an economic powerhouse."China, russia, japan and sud korea could be "very helpful" in this process.

Trump had earlier expressed hope that "great things" would happen at the "very important summit". He held out the prospect of economic development and prosperity for the famine-stricken country if it were to break off the war. "The potential is FANTASTIC, a great opportunity for my friend kim jong un, like no other in history."

The results of the talks between trump and kim are the subject of intense speculation. In addition to the peace declaration, there was also talk of a closure of the important north korean nuclear complex yongbyon, as well as the admission of nuclear inspectors, the establishment of liaison offices and the resumption of inter-korean economic projects.

Despite the basic willingness to "denuclearize" already expressed in singapore, no breakthrough is expected on the elimination of nuclear weapons and missiles. North korea experts repeatedly point out that the leadership in pjongjang sees its nuclear arsenal as a kind of life insurance against possible attacks or attempted overthrows. Both sides do not even have a common understanding of what is meant by "denuclearization".

North korea, however, could commit to the already offered closure of its important yongbyon nuclear complex and admit foreign inspectors. For this, kim demands "corresponding" counter-performance from the u.S. There was speculation that the US would at least allow inter-korean economic projects in return.

Specifically, the reopening of the industrial park in kaesong and the resumption of the travel program for sudkorean tourists in the kumgang mountains in north korea. The opening of U.S.-north korea liaison offices would be a first step toward normalizing relations. Neither maintains diplomatic relations.

Korea war estimated to have killed more than 3.2 million people. With the cease-fire agreement, which had brought the 38. The conflict ended after 37 months, when the committee confirmed that the latitude was the boundary between the communist north and the westernized south.

The history goes back to the capitulation of the japanese at the end of the second world war, which had conquered korea. The south of the country was occupied by US troops, the north by soviet troops. The north koreans marched on july 25. June 1950 in the south. UN troops under US command drove them back. In 1953, the armistice was signed by north korea, the united states and china, which had fought with "volunteers" on north korea’s side.

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