Pretzfeld wants a basic resolution

For the meeting of the market town council pretzfeld an application of the hunters' cooperative pretzfeld-hagenbach had been received, that an extension of the path weingarten/geierstob as a paved track should be subsidized with 50 percent by the municipality. Until now, the market had assumed one-third of such costs.
The mayor rose stark (SPD/okologen) informed the committee that the city of ebermannstadt was demanding such mabnahme with 40 percent, and said that the municipalities of the region should proceed similarly. In the past, she had solicited offers for such reductions, but they had not been implemented. In the future, the hunting associations will take care of this themselves.
According to the road and path construction law, the municipality only has to subsidize 25 percent. The council discussed the way forward. Gerhard muhlhauber (CSU/BB) summarized that the majority of the body wants to take a basic decision for the future procedure for applications of the hunting cooperatives for subsidies for renovation and removal of trees on developed, municipally dedicated roads.
Therefore, the individual proposal was rejected for the time being, in order to be able to decide on a basic procedure in the next meeting. It is still open whether the cost share should be 40 or 50 percent.

Population for wastewater

After that the mayor informed that the inhabitants' values will be checked because of the cost sharing for investment decrease of the public utility company forchheim. The market town of pretzfeld discharges its wastewater as a guest via the ehrenbach-weilersbach-gruppe wastewater association into the clearing plant of the city of forchheim. Since 2008, there has been an extensive expansion and modernization of the klaranlage forchheim, which will be completed and settled in 2018. In 2008, the population development was estimated and a population value was decided upon. This was at 3057. However, several designated building sites have not been realized and the value is therefore no longer realistic. The administration estimated that a population of 2800 was realistic. The rate decided even a value of 2700. To this is added a population value of 1000 for the wastewater from the breweries.
During the meeting, the council decided to change the rules of the council. In the future, the market town councils will receive the table papers and transcripts of the non-public meetings together with the invitation to the meeting. Some topics are extensive, so the municipal councils have time to prepare well, rose explained strongly. And it pointed out to the body that documents relating to the closed session could not be disclosed.
At the end strongly informs the committee that the planning for the application to the municipal investment program for the construction of a hoard and the purchase of a new heating system in the school is not to create.
Second mayor walther metzner (WPA) pointed out that something must be done about the heating system in the school, however. Rose stark referred to other demand programs. 

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