Randolf stuhler pedals on his bike while mixing a delicious fruit smoothie, while his colleagues are next door learning about heart-healthy nutrition. Andre deitel has a walk-through model of his stomach used to explain what a stomach ulcer looks like – or, in the worst case, what a carcinoma looks like.
Employees at the schaeffler plant in eltmann were given an unusual insight at the health day. 480 of the 500 or so employees were able to gather an hour’s worth of health information during their working hours.
"We have done a lot in the past few years in terms of ergonomics at the workplace", josef scheller, plant manager, explained in an interview with our newspaper. Thomas beigel, head of the cake department, also tries to provide healthy and balanced food for his colleagues in the canteen.
"But the employees themselves must of course also contribute to their health", according to personnel manager frank schmitt, who organizes the annual health day in cooperation with BEK. "We want the health days to encourage exercise and healthy eating, and to value our employees by telling them that we need them.", explains scheller.
The employees gladly accepted this offer, because health is an essential basis for quality of life. That’s why pharmacist margit stabler’s advice on healthy sleep and magnesium deficiency fell on fertile ground – and thomas beigel’s salad-to-go was a hit with customers.

For the meeting of the market town council pretzfeld an application of the hunters' cooperative pretzfeld-hagenbach had been received, that an extension of the path weingarten/geierstob as a paved track should be subsidized with 50 percent by the municipality. Until now, the market had assumed one-third of such costs.
The mayor rose stark (SPD/okologen) informed the committee that the city of ebermannstadt was demanding such mabnahme with 40 percent, and said that the municipalities of the region should proceed similarly. In the past, she had solicited offers for such reductions, but they had not been implemented. In the future, the hunting associations will take care of this themselves.
According to the road and path construction law, the municipality only has to subsidize 25 percent. The council discussed the way forward. Gerhard muhlhauber (CSU/BB) summarized that the majority of the body wants to take a basic decision for the future procedure for applications of the hunting cooperatives for subsidies for renovation and removal of trees on developed, municipally dedicated roads.
Therefore, the individual proposal was rejected for the time being, in order to be able to decide on a basic procedure in the next meeting. It is still open whether the cost share should be 40 or 50 percent.

Population for wastewater

After that the mayor informed that the inhabitants' values will be checked because of the cost sharing for investment decrease of the public utility company forchheim. The market town of pretzfeld discharges its wastewater as a guest via the ehrenbach-weilersbach-gruppe wastewater association into the clearing plant of the city of forchheim. Since 2008, there has been an extensive expansion and modernization of the klaranlage forchheim, which will be completed and settled in 2018. In 2008, the population development was estimated and a population value was decided upon. This was at 3057. However, several designated building sites have not been realized and the value is therefore no longer realistic. The administration estimated that a population of 2800 was realistic. The rate decided even a value of 2700. To this is added a population value of 1000 for the wastewater from the breweries.
During the meeting, the council decided to change the rules of the council. In the future, the market town councils will receive the table papers and transcripts of the non-public meetings together with the invitation to the meeting. Some topics are extensive, so the municipal councils have time to prepare well, rose explained strongly. And it pointed out to the body that documents relating to the closed session could not be disclosed.
At the end strongly informs the committee that the planning for the application to the municipal investment program for the construction of a hoard and the purchase of a new heating system in the school is not to create.
Second mayor walther metzner (WPA) pointed out that something must be done about the heating system in the school, however. Rose stark referred to other demand programs. 

Pre-Christmas enjoyment in the nordwaldhalle

Norbert neugebauer "welcome to the nordhalben santa claus market!" This year again. On the second weekend of advent, the nordwaldhalle traditionally opens its doors for its pre-christmas "market with atmosphere".

Meanwhile to the 22. For the first time, the market community invites people to its already decorated house, which also becomes a meeting place for many visitors from the surrounding area. The spring leadership is incumbent on the kloppelschule with its demand association. As always, the guests could look forward to high-quality, typical products from the franconian forest, the thuringian forest and the vogtland. Beautiful christmas decorations, fine handicrafts and creative handicrafts, fine cosmetics and fashionable products, small pieces of furniture and unusual jewelry await the visitors. Naturally, the well-known local lace and special products from the upper roda valley are also on sale. Culinary delights, from sub to hearty, tea and spices, to high spirits and fine likor elixirs make the choice difficult. There are plenty of free parking spaces around the nordwaldhalle.

Heavy criticism of 'catastrophe event' at bahn

Many delays, technical problems and too little money: in view of the numerous construction sites at deutsche bahn, the management of the state-owned company is coming under heavy fire.

"This has become one big catastrophe event," scolded railroad supervisory board member klaus-dieter hommel, who is also vice head of the railroad and transport union (EVG). "If the german railroads were a car manufacturer, the steering wheels would be mounted on the back and the wheels on top," hommel told the "welt am sunday" ("wams").

Romania: president basescu threatens to be deposed

At the instigation of his political opponents, the socialist prime minister victor ponta and his allied liberal party (PNL), parliament initiated impeachment proceedings against the civic basescu. Romanians will decide whether he will actually be removed from office in a referendum on 29. July.

Ponta and his allies accuse basescu of illegally usurping government powers, influencing the judiciary and violating the principle of non-partisanship that applies to the head of state. In berlin, washington, brussel and strabburg, possible violations of the law in the proceedings are viewed with concern.

They were launched at the height of the energy turnaround euphoria with partly rough expectations: the regional plants were to act as a "neutral advisor, coordinator and service provider … The demand for renewable energies in the bamberg region with high regional value creation and the involvement of local communities and citizens" to achieve the region's energy self-sufficiency by 2035, which is the goal of the climate alliance between the city and the district. However, shortly after the founding of the company in december 2012, sand was thrown in the gears by auben.

In spring 2013, the state parliament election campaign began in bavaria and the then prime minister horst seehofer discovered the vociferous opponents of wind power for himself. With the 10-H distance regulation, which became law in bavaria in november 2014, the regionalwerke's roughest and most important project, the burgerwindpark brunn in heiligenstadt, died.

Moby dick in the spa theater of bad kissingen

Herman melville’s monster novel "moby dick with its 900 pages and 135 chapters has already made many a reader capitulate. Even ulrich tukur as a teenager only got as far as "somewhere in the middle of the book". When he took over the literature-and-music project put together by pianist sebastian knauer and his father wolfgang knauer for klaus maria brandauer, he reread the novel diagonally, realizing "what a fantastic writer melville was and created his own version, in which he and knauer referred to the "friendship between quequeg, the noble savage from the south sea" and the payer ishmael, who was at first afraid of the over and over tattooed stranger, concentrated. From the first scene on, the audience could convince themselves of the functioning of this version and the absolutely conclusive interaction of text and music.

With thirteen atmospheric and thematically perfect compositions that match the text excerpts read by tukur, such as the somber "nuages gris by franz liszt at the beginning, over scott joplin’s ragtime "the strenuous life", gershwin’s "the man i love", but also a largo by vivaldi/ bach, a long excerpt from dvorak’s "symphony from the new world" and six almost eerily fitting pieces from mussorgsky’s "pictures at an exhibition" sebastian knauer with his interpretations on the piano made the plot almost sensually tangible. The result was a total experience that went far beyond a reading with piano accompaniment.

When skateboards can fly

Actually skateboards are made for rolling. In burgkunstadt, however, one is said to have flown in the direction of a courier driver and accompanied by comments such as "you idiot" or "bum". On tuesday, a 40-year-old man from the eastern district was charged with attempted grievous bodily harm and insult in the local court. On this occasion, a second charge was brought against the man: fraud.

"I admit the insult, I called him a fool and a bum", says the currently unemployed man about the incident of 29. May 2018. Otherwise he and the prosecution had nothing to reproach him with. But she did, because according to her investigation, there had been another striking experience for the offended on the day in question at around 6 p.M. A skateboard hit him and the reason was that the defendant threw it out of a rage. The accused defended himself massively against prosecutor rona schmidt and judge alexander zenefels: "i have three black belts. I do not need a skateboard. When I want to beat someone up, I hit him." And another argument spoke for the defendant’s point of view: "i didn’t throw at him. I had, then I had hit. At 20 meters distance I throw an axe into the ten."

When opera meets young ears

How long will tristan die??!" Eva, twelve years old and a sixth-grader at the eichendorff grammar school in bamberg, is a little surprised. "He was already dead!", she flutters. The schoolgirl doesn't know what to make of the sudden resurrection of the hero, who stabbed himself in the chest on the stage some time ago. Today, for the first time in her life, she is "at the opera" with her classmates from grades 6a and 6b.

Evening dress in the morning
The girls from bamberg have already dressed up for it in the early morning. Glitter and sparkle everywhere. Despite heat of well over 30 degrees, no hot pants alarm anywhere. Class director katrin langfeld is satisfied. ",what do i wear blob?' was really a rough topic in class the last few days", she reveals and smiles while her girls board the bus to bayreuth. Class meets wagner.
The extraordinary cultural program for schoolgirls is organized by "wohrl fur kids" supports. The foundation sponsored tickets and transportation. "We were very happy to accept the offer", according to langfeld. "On the one hand, it's a great experience for the schoolgirls, and on the other hand, it's a reward for the sixth graders who really put in the work for this year's performance of our school musical", she clarifies.
A reward that must first be perceived as such: "I don't really have much of an idea about operations", one of the students admits in advance without hesitation. "I know mozart, beethoven and bach and so on. I play the piano. But I haven't heard anything yet from richard wagner."
That will soon change. The program includes "tristan and isolde". Coarse material for young ears, who will be exposed to completely different sounds on the bus.
The opera will be performed at the bayreuth festival's studio stage IV. The young visitors are presented with a slimmed-down version of the love story. Director michael hoppner and marko zdralek (musical arrangement) have cut richard wagner's four-and-a-half-hour opus down to 90 minutes. 90 minutes in which the schoolchildren get closer to opera stars in a way that adults never do in the festspielhaus.
Too close perhaps? "He spat at me while I was singing!", is the comment of one of the schoolgirls after the performance. "And how they sweated! It was a bit disgusting!"
But that's the way it is – with a room temperature of 40 degrees and everybody sitting in one boat. And in the truest sense of the word: the studio stage is a ship. On the right and left the schoolchildren, in the middle the king's daughter isolde (irene theorin) and her servant brangane (simone schroder), tristan (hans-georg priese) and his henchman kurwenal (jukka rasilainen) as well as the sailor melot (stefan heibach) and king marke (martin snell). Only the conductor boris schafer and his orchestra disappear in the darkness of the studio auditorium.

Inconvenience to residents in the "an der zaubach" area over the past ten years, the foundation has had to struggle for.

The bridge over the zaubach is the only connection to the road network; the poor structural condition even led to a load limitation of three tons a few years ago. As a result, residents had to obtain special permits when they had to make deliveries, for example.