Highly sensitive, what now?

Highly sensitive, what now?

The heiligenfeld academy had organized a two-day symposium on the subject of "living high sensitivity" invited. Doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists from all over germany and austria met for the fourth time in bad kissingen to discuss this topic. The aim was to create a joint high sensitivity research laboratory. The experience and knowledge of the last few years should be deepened and incorporated.

Highly sensitive people carry a treasure inside them, say the experts. However, the highly sensitive person often does not "appreciate" his or her own gifts. In addition, these people need a strategy for dealing with the stimuli that affect them. With the basic idea of dr. Cristina pohribneac with the title "empowerment and self-love for highly sensitive people" this point was highlighted and deepened. Especially the self-awareness exercise at the end of their day was described by the participants as practical and easy to implement.

With the lecture by prof. Thilo hinterberger was the topic "sensitivity and processing in the psychosomatic context" once again scientifically illuminated. The lecturer pointed out that sensitivity should always be considered together with behavioral problems, but that separation is essential.

The round of presentations was closed by dr. Hans-peter selmaier, who presented the therapeutic concept of the parkklinik heiligenfeld. It is the first european therapy concept for the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses in highly sensitive patients. In the afternoon, workshops were held on the topics of "when the body falls ill – special requirements for medical treatment", "highly sensitive work: shaping your profession mindfully", "highly sensitive – what to look for in a diagnosis.

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